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To prevent forgery of records

Dirt Bike To prevent forgery of records

Partnership Paraguayan Intermunicipal Organization (opacity) working on his project of unifying driver's licenses for all pa v Dirt Bike />

Different districts

gradually implement this model and the goal is to use pr to document usage is mandatory.

Ricardo N Gim

president opacity, Asegur the idea is to end the quasi mafia issuing fake licenses, in addition to serve an order of different mayors to combat crime and tampering Dirt Bike document.

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formalize Caminera

OPACI remitted a note to Polic Caminera director, Manuel Guzman where he reports that some municipalities have adopted the new model records to help this repartici officials in controls on the route. Also refers to the type of license issued in Dirt Bike municipalities implementaci remain in force until the new document.


new drivers license be signed by the carrier and not the local tr director and microscopic impressions count impossible to reproduce, sec N />

firm perform an automatic recording l to inform the system of municipalities and in the opacity.

The person obtaining the license in a town and not be able to acquire another. Dirt Bike on point, the director of the opacity, is that this system will prevent a com pr tr offender to pay a fine for not infracci in tr takes another license in another town