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Sugey Abrego becomes a member of her husband

Abrego becomes a member of her husband

Sugey (32 to inaugurated on 20 December, next to her husband Enrique Dur the second branch of his store in the Condesa Heaven City M

place, est designed as a center MEETING for motorcyclists and people looking for some entertainment, cafeteria service offers a variety of selected types of coffee work from Veracruz, hometown of actress and also with A wide variety of motorcycles est sale.


cerr the actress also to with a flourish, then joins the soap opera recordings shelter for love that starts in February pr Dirt Bike />

Sugey, congratulations on this achievement:

thanks. It is an effort to put my husband ym our second branch in Heaven now the Countess. The first est in Miguel de Quevedo and that does not have this service caf s has />

qui invited to cut the inaugural list?

to Dirt Bike many as Shanik Cabezut Berman and Pato (with girlfriend Aurea), but in addition there m friends come with us, as Borrego Nava, Bibelot Mansur, Paty Mu Paco V m />

plans to open m />

that's the idea. This is the first that opens with the concept that in addition caf have thought that carrying malls and caf'm bringing Coatepec, Veracruz />


is. I'm all over the side of the cafeteria and in your business because of the bikes, which already has 6 m />

Motorcycle type

find ah />


type, weighing 90 kilos and are ideal for the city and avoid the tr so complicated there. Adem is a product one hundred percent made in this model M and my husband has been developing and 6 and between the personalities who made them their bikes are: Belinda, Kalimba, Erik Rubin, the bike's concerts and Alejandra Guzman Moderatto is also my husband and they were entreg to fans of Lady Gaga also />

you afraid that as husbands are partners adem

but because we talk all the time and in addition has taken our relationship to another level that has required maturity as a couple m />

yields m />

this case me, because it is the manufacturer and if I had to adapt, however s discuss some things, but we have not been major conflicts, because coming home do not talk about, that's the rule , arriving home we forget the business />

close this a />

because home recordings Dirt Bike shelter soap opera love this business and we have planned to open two stores m one opening in January at Villa Coapa and another in March in Polanco />

Comparison fight between brothers

comparison battle between brothers

The rebirth of the Mini pushes the previously smallest BMW, the 316 ti Compact is in the role of big brother, the suddenly not so much attention as in the past. Everything is just about the sweet young with the big eyes.

jealousy is well founded on the baby, or the need to make three no worries, because, after the first mini-euphoria wears off, once again receives the recognition it deserves because of its proven qualities

It is clear that a three-Compact will probably never be like a mini trigger spontaneous expressions of sympathy. Nevertheless, the two compacts have more in common than it seems at first glance: your engines deliver 115 hp each, their bodies have only two doors, and they are intended to provide both a lot of fun


In itself and in comparison with his classmates already has the three very active moving car. The impression of agility and handling perspective but quickly when you have rounded the first turn in a new Mini.

spontaneously otherwise only mid-engine roadster steering response. Here is the mini completely neutral and pushes only in extreme cases in all four wheels. Even when the load changes, it behaves absolutely docile and can not be unruffled.

That must

the Mini for safe driving points is still like, because in the first few months after the launch a vehicle dynamics control is not available at all. While ESP can in unpredictable situations, especially when suddenly changing friction on curves and in the winter, be an indispensable lifeline just for novice mini-bar. The steering of the BMW operates still is very precise, although it is not quite as straightforward as the stiff and slightly st??ige go-kart steering the Mini.

The strength of the Mini is undoubtedly the superior driving dynamics, the solace from the fact that the engine has indeed grown, but does not have a sporting bite. Nevertheless, he gives the Mini something better performance when they reached the threesome with his 200 cubic centimeters larger aggregate.

Official Thread of classic motorcycles

official classic motorcycles

ducson is a S-10 (not that year is), the September 24, 2008, then I was 14 and went behind a Vespa 125 spring, but clear. price was through the roof and had no motorcycle license or anything.

Then the 24th, (Wednesday holiday in Barcelona which is the day of the Merce, a part of my holy) and Cole had not accompanied my father to work. At the time of 'rest' breakfast, I said, Go to Joan (the chemical company) and talk to him, he has something to tell you.

– Then he gives me some sheets stapled, with coclomoteores sheets were old. The range of coclomotores Ducson, and made a sign with an (S-10)

ducson is a S-10 (not that year is), the September 24, 2008, then I was 14 and went behind a Vespa 125 spring, but clear. Dirt Bike price was through the roof and had no motorcycle license or anything.

Then the 24th, (Wednesday holiday in Barcelona which is the day of the Merce, a part of my holy) and Cole had not accompanied my father to work. At the time of 'rest' breakfast, I said, Go to Joan (the chemical company) and talk to him, he has something to tell you.

– Then he gives me some sheets stapled, with coclomoteores sheets were old. The range of coclomotores Ducson, and made a sign with an (S-10)

complete engine rebuilt crankshaft with revised bushings (Metrakit), new bearings, new piston and cylinder grinding to an allowance. Dirt Bike Gearshift completely disassembled and checked with all revised and changed what was wrong it was not just anything, new clutch, revised platinum and other

failure to reach the full electronics, all wiring complete, the new marker and lighthouse again

the truth that I liked, but not that I do with it, because maybe I retire from the world of two wheels

complete engine rebuilt crankshaft with revised bushings (Metrakit), new bearings, new piston and cylinder grinding to an allowance. Transmission completely disassembled and checked with all revised and changed what was wrong it was not just anything, new clutch, revised platinum and other

failure to reach the full electronics, all wiring complete, the new marker and lighthouse again

the truth that I liked, but not that I do with it, because maybe I retire from the world of two wheels

very recently sold my RD350 for nothing and less as it went to restore it, and that gives me more grief is my RC51 sell that for me that is too big.

Although some modern too, I think it's a full-blown classic and a collector's item

Well if you sell

spring by na and fewer falls close hehe warns if you have scooters as vespania forums, and almost certainly in your hometown or you have any autonomous community club and Dirt Bike and Scooter Forum lambrettas almost certain level have national vespania, iberoscooter, and another forum so tightly vespaculbsevilla scooter is a modern spring is just because it has the most modern and almost 30 years

Traffic fines enforced collection began

Traffic fines enforced collection began

Transit and Transport Secretariat of San Gil beginning the process of enforced collection subpoenas related to transit. Dirt Bike Those offenders who have not been introduced to cancel the fines are introduced to the process.

Several offenders were given their persuasive collection letter published in the print media, as José Pereira said Nestor Sanchez, director of that office.

were reported from 2200 to 2500 Dirt Bike people who owed the administration more than a billion pesos in 2009 subpoenas to date, but there are about 5000.

This dependence also performed the selection process of court officers and lawyers appoint seven achievement began to report the collection process.

“Once the attorney notified the debt is increased by the value of the attorney's fees. Dirt Bike Lawyer answers the demand for the offender, because they wanted to present, after the curator answer the demand is passed to the foreclosure of motor vehicles, goods or inactivate accounts, Pereira said Sanchez.

Invites advantage offenders to pay the discount of 50% from 2009 back subpoenas, which runs until 31 December this year, and make payment arrangements violations date to avoid foreclosure

Police recovered four motorbikes Superbikes that had been stolen in Mijas

the police recovered four motorbikes Superbikes that had been stolen in Mijas

the Local police of Mijas has recovered four high-powered motorcycles, stolen in recent days in the area of Riviera of Sun.

A Dirt Bike call received at the headquarters of the Local police de Mijas put agents on the trail of the theft of motorcyclesa track Dirt Bike driving towards an area not busy, located in the countryside, in the vicinity of the 1,371 urbanization, where perpetrators of theft hid the bikes.

agents in civilian clothes inspected the area finding motorcycles, one of which was stolen the night before, they have made it clear from the consistory in a statement. At that time in which agents checked data from motorcycles, two people circulating in quad came to the place of the finding and to check motorcycles had been discovered, they began the flight.

one of the agents, using a disguised official vehicle, it chased the two suspects, who crashed the quad led, and Dirt Bike that was also reported as stolen, against the wall of a House. Both suspects, one of them bleeding abundantly, continued the flight field.

the Local police of Mijas is now of detaining suspects theft of motorcycles, research in medical centers and health who have needed health care for wounds in the head and extremities

HOUR OR MORE ENGINE 2 and 4 stroke

HOUR OR MORE ENGINE 2 and 4 stroke


ENGINE 2 and 4 stroke


When the piston

CAREER STARTS DOWN, IS THE FUNCTION Dirt Bike you see in the first image, Dirt Bike with blue arrow pointing inward, THIS IS THE AIR INTAKE-FUEL. WHEN YOUR CAREER ENDS DOWN AND START UP, compression HAPPENS Having spent the exhaust port. At the top a second time combustion occurs, turns on the mixture by a spark from the spark plug and it makes the LOWER PISTON violently. TO BE DOWN, IS IN PRINCIPLE THE EXHAUST PORT WHERE THE BURNED OUT AND THIS SAME ACTION, AND YET THE ADMISSION IS GOING DOWN HIS CAREER, Dirt Bike SO THAT EVERY time the piston reaches the top COMBUSTION HAPPENS.

a detail that happens with this type of engine is that by having HOLES IN AND OUT IN THE CYLINDER LUBE CAN NOT MOVING PARTS THROUGH ANY INTERNAL OIL PUMP, OIL HOLES would exit P input or output, THAT'S WHY THIS TYPE OF MOTOR NEED to mix oil with gasoline, IT IS THE ONLY WAY TO CIG Lubricate the piston and this is done in two ways, OIL MIXTURES BY FUEL TANK, OR PUT OIL in a special tank that supplies an external pump that pumps the oil directly to Dirt Bike CARBURETOR, MIX HAPPENING RIGHT BEFORE ENTERING combustion chamber. The engine is very fast, but has the disadvantage that being RUNNING always going to smoke, number of KM AND NEED TO OPEN THE ENGINE TO TAKE THE CUMULATIVE COAL BURNING OIL.

SALUTE TO MY READERS AND DISMISSAL ME LATER STILL WITH THE EXPLANATION OF FOUR STROKE ENGINE IMAGE but I will mention align = “justify, bueeeeno, better term because it is very easy, FOUR TIMES ARE


2 Compression: WHEN COMING DOWN THE PISTON, VALVE INTAKE CLOSES and that creates a sealed chamber, the piston starts to rise and the CHUP TO TOP AIR compresses it.

3 COMBUSTION. When the piston is at the top, at best MOMENT, THE GREAT SPARK PLUG ECHA that explodes WITH GASOLINE AND THAT PUSHES AIR powerfully the piston down, is where you get the engine power.


April, reaching down the piston, Dirt Bike SE EXHAUST valve opens, the piston by inertia it brings, comes back up, driving what just burn, reaching FLY ABOVE THE DONKEY corn. < / p>

should rise and fall twice to do these four things before starting a new cycle is twice what it takes ONE OF TWO TIMES AS SEEN? ADVANTAGE IS THAT THIS ENGINE IS A Dirt Bike ENGINE MAY HAVE INTERNAL OIL PRESSURE, AND THIS MAKES OIL is separated from the combustion chamber, IS A VERY CLEAN MOTOR, operation is smooth and can run MANY WITHOUT LILOMETROS AS opening it two times.

hello, I have a mega problem, I have a kawasaki 750cc. and they told me wrong k unmecanico two pistons, but the bike on and go, but not going fast, is slow. that I have to do or what is the damage of the two pistons, because, I said look, below where the exhaust outlet pipes, which are four, he echos the two tubes with water right and vaporaba, and l the other two apart izkierdo not evaporate almost nothing. and there I said two pistons is wrong, he checked the coils and nothing, it's just the problem of the pistons, because I have this problem if the bike was stopped as two years, without moving it, because I can say that I have to do those two pistons

To prevent forgery of records

Dirt Bike To prevent forgery of records

Partnership Paraguayan Intermunicipal Organization (opacity) working on his project of unifying driver's licenses for all pa v Dirt Bike />

Different districts

gradually implement this model and the goal is to use pr to document usage is mandatory.

Ricardo N Gim

president opacity, Asegur the idea is to end the quasi mafia issuing fake licenses, in addition to serve an order of different mayors to combat crime and tampering Dirt Bike document.

Dirt Bike TO

formalize Caminera

OPACI remitted a note to Polic Caminera director, Manuel Guzman where he reports that some municipalities have adopted the new model records to help this repartici officials in controls on the route. Also refers to the type of license issued in Dirt Bike municipalities implementaci remain in force until the new document.


new drivers license be signed by the carrier and not the local tr director and microscopic impressions count impossible to reproduce, sec N />

firm perform an automatic recording l to inform the system of municipalities and in the opacity.

The person obtaining the license in a town and not be able to acquire another. Dirt Bike on point, the director of the opacity, is that this system will prevent a com pr tr offender to pay a fine for not infracci in tr takes another license in another town

M of 25 people arrested for drug tr in thirteen operating

M Dirt Bike 25 people arrested for drug tr in thirteen operating

M of 25 people arrested for drug tr in thirteen operating

There are five women involved

Dirt Bike and at least two teenagers. Adem seized seven firearms, ammunition, ten kilos of narcotics Dirt Bike and 13 thousand dollars.

Some 27 people were arrested today in raids in different areas of Buenos Aires, where they seized 10 kilos of narcotics, 45 tablets and 13 thousand dollars.

operatives seized seven firearms and cutting elements and stretching, police said.


procedures were performed by important members of the delegation Narcocriminalistics Research Complex and San Mart in Jos Le Her

In that locality

three raids were conducted and a search on the vp where nine people were arrested, including a woman and two teenagers, and 3365 grams of marijuana seized, 1,149 of cocaine 450 grams of cutting elements, 894 pesos and a pistol caliber 9000

hab also place an ammunition box the same size three cell tel, three major scales and documentation.

Moreover, in a record that made the second branch officers and Group Lan Alvear HAWK in 4732, were arrested four men and two women, accused of selling drugs.

Polic Dirt Bike secuestr all three kilos of cocaine 230 grams of marijuana, 8,873 pesos, two scales, two guns-a 9000 and a 380 -, a 32 long and ammunition rev number.

other two raids

seven people were arrested in raids by members of the Dirt Bike DDI delegation Mor and Research Complex and Narcocriminalistics La Matanza, La Porte 240, Los Pinos and Titanic 3062, Rafael Castillo. < / p>

these operations were seized 1,500 grams of marijuana, 260 pills coca 45 500 pesos, a 22-caliber rifle, a blender and cutting elements.

five records and a search on the streets held in San Nicol by official delegation and Narcocriminalistics Research Complex, were arrested five people, including two women, accused of selling drugs.

place is kidnapped Dirt Bike 468 grams of marijuana, 21 grams of cocaine 2698 pesos, a .22 caliber pistol, a grenade lacrim shotgun ammunition, a knife, two cell tel, a VHF radio, two scales and two < / p>

History and evolution of the BMW 2002
History and evolution

Bmw 2002

This was the original version of 2002, was announced in the European market in January 1968 and in the U.S. two months later. Originally the first 2002 came with the same equipment from 1600-2, but then in April 1968, it added a sporty steering, seat belts, tachometer, reclining front seats as 1600ti version. These additions and sales made that 2002 had the same price as the 1600ti. The big difference was in your engine type 121 which means 121 cubic inches or 2 liters derived from its predecessor the 1.6 liter, 4 cylinder, installed at 30 degrees, the engine with aluminum alloy cylinder head, steel block has hemispherical combustion chambers designed for better mixing and efficient combustion, the camshaft in the cylinder head has a double chain of distribution and 8 valves, and the crankshaft has 5 bearings and gearbox 4 speed. The engine develops 100hp at 5500rpm and reaches 172 km / h, but more torque than the 1600ti. At the time its acceleration had his driving was very nice and quick. In July 1968, BMW offered as an option a box 5 speed for 2002 and Dirt Bike 1600ti, but the cost was too high for buyers. The last modified in August 1968 was in the braking system, which changed the system by a double circuit.

2002 was a great success in sales, which made BMW improve its performance, thus was born the version 2002ti (ti = international touring) which had two double carburetors, higher compression ratio, brake discs Dirt Bike larger diameter and 5-inch wheels, east of 120hp and top speed of 195 km / h. Also came with parking light and a larger capacity alternator.

January 1969, was created in 2002 automatic, with a 2 liter engine of 100hp, with a ZF three-speed automatic, simple carburetor, that in 13 seconds, 3.5 seconds slower than a 2002 manual, going from 100km/hy 0 to reach a maximum speed of 165km / h. In January 1971 he launched the 2002 cabriolet, 100hp with a simple carburetor Dirt Bike 4 speed manual gearbox. Designed by KarosserieBaur, who also had pending Targa version that was produced from June 1971. The 2002 cabriolet was on sale for six months and only 200 units were built in 2002 making it more exclusive

In the spring of 1971, a 2002 HubertHahne modified with permission from BMW for his wife, actress Diana K?rner, 2002 with the name Diana, only 12 units were made, they came painted in colors that were not in the catalogs BMW and also with different interiors. The conversion work was performed in Stuttgart by Baur, this version had power sunroof, Recaro front seats, four lamps of the BMW 2800, rearview mirror types Sebring, among other details like chrome-and leather-off to its very high cost .

second or MODEL 71 (1971-1973)

This generation does not have many differences from the first, externally defenses changed with the addition of a torus and a torus rubber on the sides to give continuity to the line of defenses, and already had a reclining chairs new design that provides more comfort cushions the occupants, the board changed needles and their designs were different line had lost 60 Another addition was the light of witness to the choke and the reserve tank of gasoline, also joined two speed wiper system. In September 1972 Series engine change from 121 to E12, with three hemispherical combustion chamber that had been used in the inline-6 ??engine, which provides better combustion.

replacement to 2002ti 2002tii model, i mean the second injection. In 1969, at the Frankfurt Motor Show, BMW launched its prototype 2002tii, however its production began two years later because they could not have a more advanced version that other market. The great development of the injection system, which provides better acceleration and power allowed BMW to sell their models without emission problems requiring U.S. authorities, the 2002tii has 130hp and goes from 0-100km / h in less than 9 seconds and reaches a top speed of 190km / h. Another advantage of the injection is compared to 2002ti economy and simple carburetor 2002. The 2002tii is distinguished from other models 02 by small details like tachometer, tires, sports leather steering wheel and electric fuel pump Bosch, also came with a speedometer 2002tii 220km/hy their signs in the shade and the back. For these reasons BMW with its Targa model provided a T-bar that protects passengers in the event of accidents, the name should Targa Porsche 911 Dirt Bike 1965 that was the first to use this kind of protection in their vehicles convertible. The sales were not comparable with the Cabriolet version of 2002 and it was more expensive. The 2002 Targa has 100hp, comes with 4-speed manual gearbox and simple carburetor, automatic or never existed tii versions.

Touring concept originated in 1967 with the BMW hatchback 1304GL, recently sold, and in April 1971 he returned to the idea based on the 2002 and BMW announced a third body, the Touring, with motor 2 liter available with single carburetor or injection tii, 130hp and 100hp respectively. At first there were designated 2002 because third door because the second referred to the two gates, logic would not call 2003 and went by the name 2000tii Touring 2000 Touring, until in December 1972 changed its name to 02 belong to the family `s, 2002tii Touring 2002 Touring. The concept of this design was because other automakers such as Volvo and Renault 1800ES with his R16, had their sports versions with higher load capacity and the same benefits. The touring is 8 inches or 20cm shorter than the car and offered with different engines 1600, 1800, 2000 (2002) and 2000 (2002) tii. These came with alloy wheels and sports seats Dirt Bike series. Between 1971 and 1973, BMW could not offer U.S. versions Cabriolet, Targa or Touring, only 2002tii with low compression ratio and EGR for emission controls which made these 2002 were less potent, are also more weighed by the shock absorbing system to make the defenses slower.

OR THIRD GENERATION MODEL 73 (1973-1976) [/ font]

In August 1973, the Frankfurt Motor Show, the launch of the third generation, keeping versions 2002, 2002 Auto, 2002 Targa, 2002tii, Touring 2002 2002tii Touring Dirt Bike, additionally announced a turbo version. The new generation is distinguished mainly by its new central shutter their black plastic sides, and its rectangular stops (except Touring round stop keeps original), black and shield wipers rear half of the trunk. Inside there are many changes, as the chairs the same as the 520, the board and its instruments, the door handles, the directional control shifted from right to left (because the standard of international standards) , redesigned headrests, among other details. offered an additional package for 2002 model called Lux ??(not available for Touring), more expensive, which included a different design from upholstery, center armrest in the rear seat, pockets in the doors panels, wooden doors and in the bottom of the board, retractable belts, leather sports steering wheel, rearview mirror day / night rear window defroster and intermittent wiper system. The BMW with this package comes back with a sign that has a letter L under the whole time 2002tii put fotoRara had created a car with so much controversy as the 2002 turbo had was extremely unfortunate fast BMW, this version was launched when the oil crisis began and was also criticized for its aggressive appearance inciting speed.

60's BMW knew the potential of your engine 2 liters was higher than that provided by the injected tii, is thought to increase the cubic capacity of 2002 but the engine designer Alex von Falkenhausen opposed, later BMW built a inline 6 engine that turned out to be too big for the body 2002. Then BMW decided turbocharge your 2002, not very conventional solution, which was developing a team competition, and at that time only be used in diesel vehicles. However the 270hp achieved by this team eventually convince Alex von Falkenhausen and in May 1970 they built the first 2002 turbo with 170hp, but production began in mid-1973. This model uses a mechanical injection Kugelfischer like the 2002tii and a KKK turbo, 7 psi, also has oil cooler, making it have the same benefits of a Porsche 911 from 0-100km / h in seven seconds and a maximum speed of 210km / h. The 2002 turbo is not easy to drive in traffic and wet roads, this is equipped with ventilated disc brakes 3.0CS same as the coupe, rear stabilizer bar, balancing valve for the brake system, higher final ratio transmission , larger gas tank capacity, speedometer 240km / h, its clock further pressure turbo, front sports seats. Outwardly has blue and red lines, rear spoiler and forth without defense but with a fiberglass spoiler with the number 2002 and turbo written backwards so that the car is going forward can read in his mirrors and know that car is going forward . Later in Frankfurt problems started, because the German government parliamentarian said that 2002 had a turbo and incited war paint to highway speed, making signs that were deleted were upside down vehicle. Only were white and gray (Polaris), there were 2002 turbo versions with right rudder and production was only 1672 units until December 1974.

[FONT = 'Times New Roman', 'serif'] 2002tii models for the United States between 1973 and 1976 had a 125hp engine and a longer aluminum defenses weighing 100lb, to absorb bumps at low speed required by the Federal authorities. As series 3 was not yet ready to enter the U.S. market, occurred in 2002-1976 and 2002 2002tii automatic versions, but these were not the last, due to the 2002 oil crisis a step motor 2 liters to 1.5 liters, creating the 1502, which was in production until July 1977

Delivery and courier services raise prices by up to 40

Delivery and courier services raise prices by up to 40

working in the transport category are those m impacted by the rise in gasoline Dirt Bike and the threat of another increase in diesel. People using Dirt Bike motorcycles are the m concerned, therefore, the prices of the services they offer are seeing heavily marked up, Dirt Bike in some cases up to 40%.

Cristhian Ins

Alderete, president of the Association of Motorcyclists, there are people who charge between G. 6000 and 7000 per trip, now have sought to raise 10 000 guaran />

unionist said it had made a proposal to several companies, such as pharmacies, pizzeria etc, as well as the Municipality of Asunci to pay 10,000 as ma motorcyclists.

Normally there are two items

among workers in bicycles, they charge for commission and salary earners m but must afford the fuel for your trip.

many company working on the bikes as well as delivery and charge collector barely est commission and which paid a salary, but not because there's nothing left sometimes make 20,330 trips d Alderete said.


correlation companies or courier deliveries, also are forced to emphasize their prices. Daniel C managing director of Rapid Express SRL, Asegur to the nation that they also move motorcycles and gasoline veh still a significant percentage of your monthly costs.

affects this new rise because we will have to set new prices, but only for occasional customers, because you can not lift for permanent customers said the businessman.


Express Rapid rates in Asunci and Great Asunci was G. 15,000 per delivery, but after the cost of fuel, now charge G. 18.500. C explained that m can not raise it, because there is great competition